Register for all public classes on our website at Click on CLASSES on the menu bar, then scroll to the season in which you want to register.

Yes! We offer private group classes for groups of four or more children. Six children or fewer are assigned one coach and groups of seven or more are assigned two coaches. The price for pods ranges from $35-$48/child/class in Manhattan; in Brooklyn and Queens, it's $33-$43/child/class. If you want to organize a pod, we offer a 20% to the pod leader.

And yes—we offer private 1-on-1 training for the player who wants to take his/her game to the next level. Private 1-on-1 training is $150/session (3-6 year olds = 45 minute sessions and 7 years and older = 60 minute sessions).

For both pods and private lessons, a non-refundable Annual Enrollment Fee ($34.95) is charged each calendar year for each child. 

Sorry, no. We don’t offer free trials, but we allow you to cancel after the THREE classes if it’s not a good fit for your child and we will refund the remaining amount for the unused classes (*minus a $19.95 cancellation fee). We do not issue refunds for cancellations after ther third class. Your other option is to do a One Time Drop-In Class and pay for a single session. 

Take note: the Annual Enrollment Fee ($34.95) is non-refundable and charged each calendar year with the first registration of the year.

We allow you to cancel anytime during the first THREE weeks of our PUBLIC CLASSES of the term and will refund the remaining unused classes (minus a $19.95 cancellation fee). We do not issue refunds after the third class for any reason. Also note: the Annual Enrollment Fee ($34.95) is non-refundable. 


For POD CLASSES, due to their unique structure, we allow you to cancel after the first TWO weeks of the term: this is to give the Pod Leader time to find a replacement so they don't have to shut down the whole Pod as Pods require a minimum of four participants. We will refund the remaining unused classes (minus a $19.95 cancellation fee). We do not issue refunds after the second class for any reason. Also note: the Annual Enrollment Fee ($34.95) is non-refundable. 

For ages 18 months through 6 years, classes are 45 minutes. For ages 7 years and older, the classes are 60 minutes.

For the 18 months to 3 years old, each student must have an adult (mommy, daddy, grandparent, nanny, etc) who will accompany the child and participate in class. For the classes labeled 3 – 4 years, the student does not need an adult helper.

Each student will be issued a SocRoc or BBRoc jersey that he or she may want to wear to class. Our goal is to get the jersey to you within the first few weeks of class, but we are at the mercy of our suppliers. Otherwise, your child should dress in comfortable athletic clothing (shorts, sweatpants, and the like) and wear sneakers. As your child progressing in his/her soccer training, you may want to invest in a pair of soccer cleats or indoor soccer shoes, but this is not necessary at the start of the program. We also have a TEAM STORE where you can purchase fun gear for kids and adults. 

Additionally, your child should bring a water bottle to class as we will have designated breaks.

We provide balls, but if your child would like to bring his or her own ball, that's great and we encourage it. Just make sure to clearly label the ball with your child's name. For ages seven and younger, a size three ball is appropriate. Over age eight, a size four ball is best. 

Once you register for a class you, will immediately receive an email confirmation with the particulars of the class from our third-party software provider: Active Network. You can always access your Active Network account should want to check dates. Additionally, we will send a reminder one day before the start and end of the semester if you register before the term starts. If you register mid-term, just go to the next class on the calendar. Please do not send an email asking when your class starts--it is clearly listed in the registration. 

We make every effort NOT to cancel class and we WILL play if there is a light rain or it's misty, but in the event of extreme weather conditions, we will cancel. All cancelations will be listed on the home page at Do not email us inquiring about cancellations—we do not have the manpower to respond to everyone. PLEASE check the website. When we have to cancel, you can make up your missed class by dropping into any other public class within the current season. Makeups do not carry over season to season.

For pods, we will do our best to reschedule the class based on availability. 

For both PODS and public classes, we do not issue refunds for sickness, travel, schedule conflicts, or a change of mind. However, in the event your child misses a class and wants to make it up, you may drop into a like class at another location. This goes for PODS, too—your child can drop into any public class on the schedule. However, it is up to you to figure which class and where you want to go--do not call or email asking which class--just go. Check the website the day of the class is to make sure it is still running and there are no weather cancellations. And we do this on the honor system. If you are dropping in because of a makeup—please introduce yourself to the coach and explain that you are doing a makeup. We only offer a makeup coupons if we have to cancel class due to weather. All makeups must be used within the current season. 

For kids 4 years and older, we play small-sided games within class 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and so on. We do not play in a league or against teams outside of SocRoc Soccer. 

Yes, we offer drop-ins for an additional surcharge of $10. Registration is found at

Yes, if you are registering more than one child, we offer a 10% discount for your second child, and 15% discount for your third child. Please email with the subject line: LOTS OF KIDS to receive your personalized discount.

For half-day programs and/or camps, each student should pack a lunch, snack, water bottle, and bring a soccer ball (if you already have one). We do not provide any food or drink, but will be taking a lunch and snack breaks. We will provide balls, goals, cones, and pinnies. 

Annual enrollment fee is a non-refundable, once-a-calendar year fee that pays for your child's official SocRoc or BBRoc jersey, special class stickers, and administration fees. It is charged for public classes, private lessons, and pods with your first registration of the year.

Active Network is the software platform used for SocRoc registration and payment. Please note that upon the completion of your SocRoc registration, Active Network, will prompt you to opt into their membership. Click NO THANKS. Their membership is NOT required as part of your SocRoc registration. If you accidently opt-in, you can cancel and receive a full refund by writing to them at

All of our coaches are vaccinated.