SocRoc Soccer for Kids is excited to launch its All Star Coed U8 Travel Team with
Head Coach Juan Laverde for the Fall 2024 Season!  

Coach Juan Laverde, a sought-after, much-loved SocRoc Soccer instructor, is a passionate coach with a deep-rooted love for the beautiful game. With his Grassroots Coaching License firmly in hand, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field.

Juan's soccer journey began at a young age, honing his skills in the vibrant streets of Medellin, Colombia. His talent and dedication led him to represent his local club, Envigado FC, where he showcased his skills on the semi-professional stage.

As a player, Juan developed a keen understanding of the game's intricacies, mastering the art of midfield control and tactical awareness. His time on the pitch instilled in him a profound respect for the sport and a desire to impart his knowledge to the next generation of players.

Transitioning seamlessly from player to coach, Juan embarked on a mission to nurture young talent and cultivate a love for soccer at the youth level and became a pillar of the SocRoc Soccer staff, embarking on his journey to empower aspiring young athletes by instilling the values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. SocRoc Soccer is thrilled to have Coach Juan lead the U8 All Star Coed SocRoc Soccer Travel Team. Read through the information below, and if you still have questions, text Coach Juan at 551-228-8013

FREE All Star Tryouts:
June 22nd and 29th at St. Vartan’s Field from 2:00 PM-3:00 PM.
(35th St. & 1st Ave) 
Click HERE to register!

Cosmopolitan Jr. League - games played on East Side of Manhattan

Home Field - Robert Moses Playground - Turf Field
 42nd St & 1st Avenue
Practices will be Wednesdays, 5-6 PM.
Games will be Saturdays or Sundays. The schedule for the league has not been distributed yet.

SocRoc All Star Teams:
U8 (born after 1/1/2017) - 10 players/team - 4 v 4
U9 (born after 1/1/2016) - 12 players/team - 7 v 7 


Installment Plan - $1500 Annual Tuition + $34.95 Non-refundable Annual Registration Fee ($300 Non-refundble Deposit due 7/11 + six $200 installments, paid 8/13, 9/13, 10/13, 3/13, 4/15, 5/15

Paid-in-Full Plan - $1400 Annual Tuition + $34.95 Annual Registration Fee due 7/11 (if paid in full)

If a Player decides to participate only in the fall season, the $300 deposit and $34.95 annual enrollment, and the first three payments ($600) are non-refundable.