Cannot say enough great things about SocRoc!! We run a Dance and Theatre company called I CAN DO THAT NYC and needed a great soccer instructor to work with our kids each day during our summer camp. Keep in mind that we only want to offer something as a departure from all the singing and dancing we do and make sure we have someone as fun and as good with kids as we are. Well, SocRoc set us up with an awesome team of soccer pros that are not only great at what they do, but they are fantastic with kids. They constantly know how to keep the kids interest all while introducing them to the skills of soccer. We were so impressed with their positive spirit, their willingness to help us in any way to keep our kids safe and having a blast. It was exactly what we were looking for. Axel was the main coach and he is an absolute star. His buddies that assisted him were just as amazing and we can't wait to work with them and SocRoc next summer. Don't even question working with this company. They are awesome with all age ranges.
— I Can Do That NYC, via Google
I’ve been taking my 7 year-old son to SocRoc for the past year and a half, and the experience has been very positive. My son always enjoyed kicking the ball around before we started SocRoc, but had never really played in a larger setting. During the first couple of classes, he was a bit intimidated and hesitant, as some of the other kids were really good / better than him, but the coaches excelled at creating an atmosphere where, whatever the child’s level, they get to participate fully and really develop skills, with fun drills and team activities - without performance pressure. I also have to say that I am specifically very appreciative of the SocRoc staff’s efforts during the pandemic, providing a safe space for kids to run around, get some good exercise, have fun, and simply just be kids (which any parent will attest has been difficult to achieve lately…). My son has made strides since he started, and now really looks forward to his next SocRoc class. In fact every now and then I catch him in his room practicing his latest “trick”, which he can’t wait to show off in front of his little buddies in the class!
— Mathieu B., via Google
Our four-year-old daughter adored this soccer class. We took it over the summer, and plan to take it again this fall. Coach James is great with the kids, and uses all sorts of kid-friendly methods to help them understand soccer concepts and practice the fundamentals. The setting for our class is really nice, under the trees in Rockafeller Park on the Hudson, so my husband and I really enjoyed drinking our coffee each Saturday morning while watching the kids have a blast in such a nice setting. I once took my daughter to another free soccer class just for fun and she stressed to me that she didn't like it and wanted to go back to HER soccer class. I highly recommend SocRoc and Coach James.
— Helen C., via Google
We organized a six week group class with SocRoc, and it was great! Our children were 2 and 3 years old, so it was no easy feat to structure a class that made sense and was lots of fun for the group. Coach Kevin was prepared, creative, and incredibly patient.My kid was the least participatory and compliant of the group, and he still eagerly counted "how many sleeps till Coach Kevin" each week. He plays soccer at home every day now.
— Abby B., via Google
My son has been taking SocRoc classes for almost two years, since he was two. Coach Marcos & Coach Val are the best. They work great will little ones. My son went front sitting on my lap most of class time to being the first to run towards the goal. He loves class and I think the fun approach to soccer the coaches take is to cause. I would definitely recommend SocRoc classes to little ones. Lots of fun!
— Irene M., via Google
My 2-year daughter has LOVED her weekly soccer class with Diego and Angel. Our nanny takes her every week, and she has been telling me that class is absolutely wonderful and in particular, the coaches are excellent. She asked me to recognize specifically how great Diego and Angel are. She tells me they're extremely engaged and energetic with the kids and do an amazing job of keeping them active and entertained. I'm thrilled to hear my daughter is having so much fun, and I'm looking forward to many more seasons with SocRoc.
— Maryana S., via Google
SocRoc rocks! James and Juan have been so flexible and really worked with us and our group. They're incredibly fair about refunds and makeups. Juan has been our teacher, and has gotten my 3 and 5 year old kids to truly love soccer and work on their skills. They now play soccer 24/7 in our living room thanks to SocRoc!
— Margaret R., via Facebook
recently had a SocRoc class at my son's preschool. He just turned 3 and I thought what better idea than to have a soccer game with all his friends. I was right! They loved it!! All the kids(ages 2-3.5) had so much fun. The SocRoc teachers were great and a taught real soccer skills. I think that was what I liked most. I saw the children learning actual fine and gross motor skills. The director liked it so much she is considering making it a regular thing at the school.
— Paula T., via Google
Coach James and crew have created a fantastic all-year program for soccer training (emphasizing both skills and fun) throughout the whole year. With classes for ages toddlers on up, we have watched our two children grow in their athletic confidence as they develop a love for the game. We highly recommend the program.
— Harsimran S., via Google
My family LOVES this program!! We just completed our second round of classes with Coach James! My 12 year old, 4 Year old and two nieces play ages 5 and 8! Everyone has learned so much and We all look forward to coming each week! This is by far the best soccer program we have done locally.
— Jamie W., via Facebook
We love SocRoc! Our son loves coach Juan, who is his primary instructor. Coach Juan is always patient and extremely tuned in with the children's mood and interests. Thanks coach Juan! and Thank you coach James for providing BPC with a happy, safe and educational establishment that helps cultivate our children's athletic potentials!
— H. C., via Google
After a negative experience in a summer soccer camp, my grandson was reluctant to give it another try. He sat in my lap refusing to join the other kids. Coach Colin was masterful in engaging him without appearing to do so. Now my grandson is the most enthusiastic soccer player! Terrific coach, fabulous classes!
— Alexis P., via Google
SocRoc has awesome teachers who really love kids. They also use really innovative methods so that kids are learning how to play soccer without even knowing it. They incorporate cones, discs, and other props, and before the kids even know it they are learning critical balance skills, agility, coordination, and most of all, have fun! Highly recommended.
— Michael W., via Google
Our toddler LOVES here weekly Soc Roc class in McCarren Park, and so do my partner and I! She's learned actual life skills in this class, and while I suspect she won't be an olympic athlete, I'll credit her superb balance to the SR coaches. So fun! Shout out to Coaches Manny, Paula, Bolo, and Axel!
— Carly K.H., via Google
We love SocRoc classes! They have adapted to safe outdoor small groups or private classes in the last year - and I swear my 3 year old listens better to these coaches than to me! It’s amazing to see him develop hand eye coordination and love of sports. I highly recommend SocRoc classes to all the mamas I know.
— Annie C.H., via Google
This company excels at teaching soccer to small children. For even those of us who played soccer for large portions of our lives, I marvel at the particular skill demonstrated in how -- not just "what" -- they teach my son. I highly recommend.
— David P.K., via Google
I have two little boys, and they just LOVED this soccer class. In addition to Coach James, there were two fun big boys (around 20 years old), who tossed my kids around and just had a blast with them. They were in heaven.
— Charlotte J.L., via Google
LOVE IT!! And more importantly so does my 4-year old daughter! They make it fun and engaging for all - even if a family member needs to chime in to help a little one. We are definitely going to be repeat customers!
— Aisling M., via Google
Great experience for my 2 year old boy. He has developed a love of soccer over the past year. He loves and admires his coaches - Coach James and Coach Marcos - and talks about them all week long! Lots of fun. Thank you SocRoc!
— Violeta G., via Google
We did SocRoc last summer for our 2.5 year old daughter. The coaches were SO patient and energetic. It didn't seem easy to wrangle a group of toddler girls but they did it with big smiles, and made it so much fun for the kids.
— Brittany H., via Google
Coaches were great with my 4 and 6 year olds. Activities are kid-friendly (for example, making a "fruit salad" by kicking cones and balls and then doing a soccer throw into a "bowl") and useful for learning soccer skills. My boys enjoyed coming to soccer class!
— Faith B., via Google
My 3 year old son has been going to the Soccer classes at SocRoc for many months now and he loves them. When asked "what do you want to do today", he replies soccer! We will continue to take him. Instructors are fun and are able to engage them in an age appropriate way.
— C. M. S., via Google
My 3 and 5 year-old boys have been taking soccer through other programs for years, but with SocRoc, they really fell in love with the game and improved dramatically. It's been a great program, and for the first time my kids look forward to soccer!
— Margaret R., via Google
Our child has a love for soccer thanks to SocRoc. The coaches have been great. The owner is accommodating and communicates quickly. We have been pleased and are return customers.
— Linnea M., via Google
I love SocRoc - they actually teach them soccer skills and keep the kids engaged rather than a 'movement class' with a soccer theme like some classes. Highly recommend Coach Marco.
— Lisa C., via Google
Our 4yr old boys LOVED their Spring soccer class with Coach James! Would highly recommend. The classes are really a great mix of skill building and age appropriate fun! We can't wait for the Fall season to pick up again 🙂
— Sireenah M., via Google
We absolutely love the SocRoc program for our 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter! The kids always have a fantastic time and look forward to class. Special shout out to JP who is amazing with children!
— Kate M.H., via Facebook
Love the varied activities for my 2 year old to gently introduce him to soccer. He is really engaged. Coaches have the patience of saints! The best class we do.
— Tiffany F., via Facebook
Our son has been involved with SocRoc for the past 1.5 years. The coaches have provided a great environment that makes developing soccer skills fun for all the kids. The coaches are always pleasant and the boys have a great time. I highly recommend the whole SocRoc Team!
— Brian H., via Facebook
We love SocRoc Soccer. The coaches are fantastic and the classes are tailored to the age group. My son, now 4, started when he was 2 years old and learnt so much.
— Verena E.R., via Google
My son loves SocRoc , he has been taking classes for about a year. The coaches are great with the kids. They know how to teach kids of all different ages.
— Lisa E., via Google
Great classes in winter and summer! Our 3-year-old loved them and quickly found a love of soccer. Can't wait to be back in town and enroll him again.
— Jaclyn B., via Google
Great class great lead teacher! James is also super flexible and fair with prorating classes which is appreciated.
— Anissa B., via Google
James Christie is fantastic. A true expert in the field plus he's great to work with and he really gets results!
— Charles V., via Google
Great way to start playing soccer, lots of drills and encouragement from the coaches. My daughter had a great time.
— Max M., via Google
Hands down best experience my kids have ever had. Great Coaching, great staff, and all around nice atmosphere.
— Sami A., via Google
Excellent experience for my son! Loved to see him engaged and learning so much on each class. We will definitely sign him up again.
— Pamela S., via Google
We've tried a few different soccer classes in the neighborhood and our children love the SocRoc coaches the best.
— Axel G., via Facebook
My kids love SocRoc. The coaches are amazing. They are able to keep the kids engaged and excited. We love it.
— Lisa W., via Facebook
The coaches are enthusiastic and they make soccer fun for all of the children.
— Adiylah W., via Facebook
My preschooler has taken this class for the past 2 years and loves it. Highly recommend.
— Samiah Z., via Google
SocRoc rocks!! It’s great for the kids they love love love it!!
— Tira T., via Google
My 4 year son loved the soccer practices and had so much fun!
— Habiba K., via Google
Enthusiastic coaches and flexible management!! Wonderful organization!!
— Katie R., via Facebook
Loved it and our coaches, they were fantastic! Will do again in the spring!
— Miranda P., via Facebook